The Moon Tourism – A Reality of Today

Like every other kid, my father gifted my 60mm telescope on my birthday. The telescope was not of premium quality, but for a non-astronaut, it opens the universe. Through this is got to know about the moon and see other planets. I was able to see the moons of Jupiter, rings of Saturn. But the most eye-catching was the moon.

The only proper actual satellite is the moon. It is the most significant natural satellite, and it is similar in size to the planet in the solar system. The moon is the next brightest object after the sun in the sky. Everyone knows that the sun provides light to the moon; that is how we see the moon.

The moon runs around the earth, and the earth revolves around the sun; the dynamics between them keep changing. Travelling to the moon is a recreational activity growing in number because it has become a part of space tourism.

Before the travel

There are some phrases that every tourist who is travelling to the moon must know before they reach there. Travelling to the moon can bit expensive than travelling to a different country. But it is a one time opportunity that should not be missing at any cost.

Some great gadgets are popular, and the travel can buy before walking towards the moon. The height should be between 160 to 185 cm and weight not more than 95 kg. Tourism is organized after every six months.

Space tourism has many travellers in the line; more than 60% of people consider travelling to space. To book your travel to space, around 12000 USD is required; it is like three months’ salary of an average American. To travel to the moon, a particular dress code known as space wear is needed, managed by the organization that is organizing the trip.

Space tourism

Many organizations organize the trip to space. Who have contacts with the space agencies and helps the person to enjoy all the aspects of the space.

There is mainly tourism on the moon where massive numbers of people are travelling. Space tourism is an underdeveloped sector, waiting for opportunities and promising tourists to make a fortune.

Some people resist paying tax on space tourism development. But they are ok with paying the tax on international hotels and restaurants. Space tourism will only boom if the taxes reach these organizing trips to welcome more people to travel to Mars and the moon.

The agency also gives some gadgets and merchandise as memory to the travellers. As it is a lifetime opportunity enjoyed and travelled by the person. There are phases of the moon that you should know in advance.

Phases of moon

New moon

First Quarter

Full Moon

Third Quarter (which is also the Last Quarter)

These four phases of the moon are the primary phases. But with these four phases, there are another four more phases, which starts from the new moon and ends at the third moon stage.

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